Policy Changes Regarding Pain Medication

re:                   Reclassification of Hydrocodone containing medications

effective:         October 6, 2014

This letter is to advise you that effective October 6, 2014 Hydrocodone containing medications (Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, etc.) are going to be reclassified as a Class II controlled substance. This comes as an order form the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency) after extensive review. The impetus for this reclassification seems to be an attempt to help stem the tide of abuse and prescription overdoses. A Class II controlled substance is a substance that has the highest potential for abuse and diversion and is thus the most highly and stringently regulated.

It is with this change and the current state of healthcare as it pertains to the management of chronic pain that we will no longer be prescribing this or any other medications for chronic pain. Note that this policy does not apply to patients who have acute pain

We fully understand the burden that this policy change will have on our patients but we also understand that healthcare is changing and the management of chronic pain can best be delivered by a specialist in the management of chronic pain.

If you will contact our office we will be happy to refer you to a physician that specializes in pain management.

In the meantime rest assured that we are here to continue to take care of all your other healthcare needs.

Best regards,

Drs. Weaver & Albers


More information regarding this rescheduling can be found here: